Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

Social media marketing can direct wide profits for your business. It implements many social media networks to achieve effective marketing communication with the customers and works towards the branding goals of a business. It includes sharing of content, videos, and images on social media platforms for marketing purpose and also uses the effectiveness of advertising through paid social media channels. Social Media Marketing is an effective way to increase the visibility, maximize exposure and reach out to a wide number of audience for your brand and business. Being present across social media platforms and making a direct connection and relationship with your customers is extremely important today. Your customers are looking for brands on social media platform and you need to be present and proactive.

That said, social media is a very dynamic and versatile platform that is constantly changing, growing and evolving. Businesses need to keep up with these changes to be able to continue using social media marketing agency. The changing trends need to be adopted and the necessary tweaks need to be made instantly to keep pace with these trends. Let's take a look at the Top Trends that will dominate Social Media Marketing in 2016.

- Video Content

While video content still exists, its power and effectiveness is expected to be a major trend this year. This includes different kinds of videos- educational videos for giving information or instructions, explanatory videos to explain the procedure or method for something, entertaining videos to give the viewers something to enjoy and have fun with.

- Paid Advertisement

Businesses will now need to pay money to advertise on social media platforms. This will give you the advantage of reaching a specific demographic rather than completely relying on organic search.

- Social Commerce

Selling products through social networks has been a vast part of these platforms and this is only expected to rise even more! Social commerce, or selling and buying through social media platforms, will be the most dominant trend this year.

- Automation

With so many platforms and the need to be consistent it is no surprise that marketing automation is a major trend this year. Creating marketing automation strategies will help integrate several platforms all at one place and allow you to better manage and use individual platforms.

- Facebook

Facebook, was, is and will continue to be the most popular platform. Even though so many new platforms have come and all are doing great, Facebook continues to be the most effective platform for businesses.

- Mobile Marketing

Make sure your website and business is mobile friendly as the popularity of mobile marketing is expected to grow higher than it already is. Your websites must be fully optimized for mobile users to ensure bigger success this year.

- Search

Search engines continue to be prevalent and important but many people are shifting to direct searches on social media platforms. Work on strategies to be easily searched on search engines as well individual social media platforms.